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Security Checkup
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Computer Related Purchase
In this service we will analyze your,
- Computer System
- Wireless Network
We check certain security issues such as,
- Can someone gain access to your computer               
- Can someone take full control over your
Once we are done checking for security issues, we will give you a full detailed analysis of what we find and what can be done to fix the issues found.
Need help with a Computer Related Purchase?
We can help you...
- Pick out a new computer that fits your needs.
- Select Hardware and Software that is compatible with             
without you even knowing?
computer or wireless network?
your computer.
- Pick out everything that you need to setup a Home or             
Business Network             
- Select data storage device needed for data backup          
We can either help you with your computer related purchase over the phone or at your location, it's all up to you.          
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